As B2B companies mature, silos form between marketing and sales, ultimately stunting performance and growth. Watch Sam Balzan, CEO of Purple Sales, and Relequint CEO Ran Mullins as they discuss the importance of breaking down these barriers and achieving a fully integrated sales and marketing team. 

In this webinar, you’ll also learn: 

  • Why aligning marketing and sales is critical to improving marketing maturity

  • How to align marketing and sales departments despite silos

  • Understand the benefit of fully aligning inbound marketing and outbound sales

  • How to leverage platforms like HubSpot to create a consistent (and measurable) customer experience

This event also details a new concept created by Balzan and Mullins called ‘InboundOut.’  Leveraging the expertise of both agencies, the InboundOut program aligns inbound marketing and outbound sales for a coordinated one-two punch that helps B2B companies achieve ROI faster.

This webinar is pre-recorded. You can find other webinars on our Insights page.

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